Are shutters ideal for a bedroom? Yes! Shutters are great for any room in the house, including your bedroom. Blinds are a popular window dressing for bedrooms thanks to their affordability and blackout benefits.

Curtains are also very common in bedrooms as they add a soft, stylish touch to a room. But in recent years, more and more people have been opting for bedroom shutters – and rightfully so!

Bedroom shutters are an excellent choice for bedrooms. Aside from being a modern and stylish window dressing, bedroom shutters offer an array of benefits.

Benefits Of Bedroom Shutters

If you are looking for a new window dressing for your bedroom, shutters may be just what you need!

  • Save Space – Bedroom shutters are made to measure and fitted to the window recess, meaning they don’t take up a lot of space. This is particularly great if your bedroom is on the smaller side, or if you have bay windows.
  • Block Out Noise – Unlike other window dressings, shutters can block out noise. Shutters are made from high-quality wood and create an added layer between your window and your bedroom that will effectively reduce noise pollution. This is ideal if you live on a busy street, or if your job requires you to sleep during the day. It’s also great for those lazy Sunday morning lie-ins!


  • Versatile Whatever The Season – Shutters are arguably the most versatile window dressing on the market. Tier on tier shutters are particularly flexible. They allow you to have complete control over the light. During the winter months, your shutters will provide an insulating layer to keep your bedroom toasty. During the summer months, you can block out direct sunlight to keep your room cool, whilst still letting air flow in from an open window.


  • Ideal For Allergies – If you or someone in your home has allergies, shutters will be the best choice for the bedroom. Studies show that 74% of people who suffer from allergies find their symptoms get worse at night. Curtains and blinds can hold onto dust and other allergens that can trigger symptoms. Shutters on the other hand can be easily wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth and won’t hold onto dirt, dust or pet hair.
bedroom shutters can help with allergies
  • Excellent Privacy Control – Privacy is crucial in the bedroom. If your home or bedroom is overlooked, you need to ensure complete privacy. Aside from enabling you to control the light levels, bedroom shutters are also excellent for controlling privacy.

Types Of Bedroom Shutters

Some shutters, such as café-style shutters, are not ideal for the bedroom as they don’t offer the same level of privacy and light control as others. However, several shutter styles work really well in the bedroom.

Full Height Shutters

The most popular shutters, full height shutters offer all the amazing benefits of this versatile window dressing. They cover the whole window, can be opened and closed, and the louvres can be altered to control light and privacy levels. They make an excellent window dressing in the bedroom.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are most definitely the most flexible style of shutters. They cover the entirety of the window, much like full heigh shutters, however, the bottom half of the shutter is separate from the top half. This provides even more flexibility as you can control the two halves of the shutters independently from each other.

Blackout Shutters

Most shutters reduce light pollution, but not all styles block the light out altogether. Blackout shutters on the other hand have been designed exactly for that reason!

These innovative shutters feature a built-in channel that sits snugly behind the shutter to hold a blackout blind. They are available in numerous colours and offer the same benefits of other shutter styles. Blackout shutters are perfect for the bedroom!

blackout shutters idea for bedrooms

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid panel shutters are a popular choice for bedrooms in period homes. They offer amazing protection against noise and light pollution, whilst looking timeless and elegant.

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