If you are reading this as a parent or guardian on the lookout for window coverings for your home that also do not pose a safety risk to your child, this is an extremely understandable priority for you to have. Indeed, you may already be considering window shutters over blinds because they don’t have cords or chains that a child could get tangled in.

Sadly, that risk is not a merely abstract one; according to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, more than 30 children are known to have died in the UK over the last 15 years, due to becoming entangled with a blind or curtain cord or chain.

With window shutters not having any such cords or chains – instead simply being controlled with the movement of their louvres – they pose a much lower risk to your child’s safety.

It’s worth bearing in mind, too, that shutters don’t take up as much space as curtains; they simply cover the window itself, instead of hanging down lower than the window opening, like curtains tend to do. Having shutters installed at your home, then, could mean one less thing for your child to potentially trip over, particularly given how bulky curtains can be.

Remember that child friendliness isn’t solely about safety

The term “child friendliness”, of course, can mean different things to different people. But here at Shuttertec, we’d take it to mean, being “friendly” to a child in the sense of catering to their entire safety and wellbeing – and shutters can definitely tick that particular box.

If you are currently putting together a bedroom or playroom for your child, you will want them to feel comfortable and relaxed there – this, after all, is supposed to be their “special place”. To that end, it’s worth carefully considering precisely what you will want your window shutters to do – and which type of window shutters would best do the job.

Many different types of shutters could be great for ensuring privacy, for example, as you will simply need to push the louvres to alter this. But you also won’t exactly want to leave your child playing in the dark, and it would be inconvenient for you to have to constantly come in and move the louvres. This is why Café Style window shutters – which only cover the bottom half of a window, thereby allowing plenty of natural light to still flood into the space – could be the ideal option for your kid’s room.

Or perhaps you might be tempted by motorised window shutters? These are shutters that you could control via a remote control or app, using the power of Internet-enabled ‘smart’ technology, so that you don’t even need to be in the room to control the louvres.

The motorised shutters that you can have fitted in your property by the Shuttertec team incorporate built-in jam protection, whereby the shutters instantly stop if they encounter any obstruction, such as a child’s fingers or even their favourite toy.

Get talking to our team about the shutters that would serve you – and your child – best

There may be a lot of different types of window shutters out there, but selecting the right one for a child-friendly environment doesn’t have to be as tricky as you might think!

As we touched on above, window shutters have a certain inherent safety to their design compared to the likes of curtains and blinds, while choosing certain specification options can help maximise their suitability for your little one’s bedroom or playroom even further.

So, why wait any longer? Get in touch with our experts at Shuttertec today, and we will be pleased to guide you through your possibilities for window shutters, and advise you even more on your particular situation and needs as a parent or guardian.