Can you get shutters for patio doors? Yes! Shutters are an excellent choice for patio doors.

Patio doors, bi-folding doors or sliding doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They allow you to bring the outdoors in, make the most of the view and they flood your home with natural light. Patio doors are particularly popular in kitchens and dining rooms.

Window Dressings For Patio Doors

Choosing a window dressing for patio doors can be tricky. All patio doors are made to measure, meaning a one-size-fits-all window dressing won’t work. Whichever window dressing you opt for, whether it’s curtains, shutters or blinds, you will have to get them made to measure.

Many people opt for tailormade curtains as they appear to be the easier window dressing. However, curtains don’t offer the same flexibility as other window dressings. Curtains are difficult to maintain as they get dirty very easily. Plus, the wear and tear of a busy household can quickly take its toll on curtains. Although they may seem like a cost-effective option, tailormade curtains can be very expensive, especially if they need replacing regularly.

Similarly, blinds can be challenging to maintain. The fabrics hold onto dirt and odours and removing blinds to clean them is hard work. Like curtains, everyday wear and tear can also affect blinds. On the other hand, most types of blinds offer more flexibility than curtains.

Shutters are by far the most versatile and beneficial window dressing for patio doors. And here’s why…

Tracked shutters for patio doors

The Benefits Of Shutters For Patio Doors

  • Stylish – Whether you have traditional French patio doors or modern bi-folding doors, shutters will make a gorgeous addition. Made to measure shutters are perfectly fitted to your patio doors, providing a sleek and stylish look that doesn’t take up space. You can choose from a range of colours.
  • Control light & privacy – Shutters are the very best when it comes to controlling light and privacy levels. You can have them fully open to make the most of the outdoor space or have them closed but keep the louvres open to let light in whilst remaining privacy. In the evening, you can have the shutters fully closed for complete privacy.
  • Perfect for every weather – The versatility of shutters for patio doors makes them ideal whatever the weather. During the summer months, you can let the sun into your home or close the shutters but keep the patio doors open, providing shade and a cool breeze. During the winter months, your patio shutters will act as a thermal layer that will keep your home toasty.
  • Durable – Shutters are easily the most durable window dressing for your patio doors. They are made from strong, high-quality materials that will look amazing even after years of wear and tear. Plus, they can be easily wiped clean and won’t need replacing for a long time.
  • Great investment – Aside from adding value to your home (if you ever came to sell), shutters also add a layer of protection by preventing intruders from looking in your home and adding another barrier.

Tracked Shutters For Patio Doors

Tracked shutters are full height shutters that are attached to a track and can slide or fold away. The rolling top track system means the weight of the high-quality shutters is on the top. This ensures longevity as the panel weight is evenly distributed. At Shuttertec, we also have the option for the louvres to self-close when you fold them back, minimising any potential damage.

Tracked shutters make perfect shutters for patio doors including French doors, bi-folding doors and sliding doors. Plus, tracked shutters can be used as a stylish room divider and can even be used as a wardrobe door!

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