Can you get total blackout shutters? Yes! You can get shutters with integrated blackout blinds that offer almost total darkness. Shutters are a sophisticated and stylish window dressing. And they look amazing in any room, including the bedroom.





But typical planation shutters, such as Full Height Shutters, don’t offer the same level of blackout as other window dressings. That was until Blackout Shutters came along!



Blackout Shutters are plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds. They are an excellent choice if you want the style and elegance of shutters with the added element of almost complete darkness.



Shutters With Integrated Blackout Blinds



Most shutters, including Full Height Shutters, Tier On Tier Shutters and Tracked Shutters bleed light. They all feature louvres that can be tilted to let in light, or closed for ultimate privacy. However, even when closed, the louvres still allow light to bleed in.



But with Blackout Shutters, there is a discreet built-in channel sitting behind the shutter frame to snugly hold a blackout blind. This successfully eliminates almost all of the light bleed and keeps the room near pitch black.






blackout shutters with integrated blinds



Blackout Shutters are also incredibly insulating and will keep your home warm during the winter months. Plus, the high-quality wooden shutters combined with the blackout blind are excellent at blocking out noise.



As with all shutters, Blackout Shutters are available in a range of colours and finishes. You can also choose from different louvre sizes. Better yet, the integrated blinds are available in 15 different colours.



Blackout Shutters Are Best For…



If you are a light sleeper, or you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, you will benefit from having Blackout Shutters in your bedroom. Similarly, shutters with integrated blinds are perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.



Blackout shutters are also a popular choice in cinema rooms, lounges, offices and anywhere else that may require total darkness. Or, some people opt for shutters with integrated blinds if their home is overlooked by bright street lights.



Thanks to their noise blocking and insulating properties, Blackout Shutters are an excellent investment. They also offer an added layer of privacy and security whilst increasing the value of your home.



blackout shutters are ideal for bedrooms |



Alternatives To Blackout Shutters



If you don’t fancy Blackout Shutters with the integrated blinds, you could opt for Solid Panel Shutters. These look particularly amazing in period homes and home with traditional decor. Solid Panel Shutters are a statement window dressing that look stylish whilst blocking out a lot of light and noise.



Alternatively, you can opt for your favourite shutter style and pair them with curtains! You can choose from Full Height Shutters, Tier On Tier Shutters, Tracked Shutters or Customer Colour Shutters and combine them with a stylish pair of curtains to give you more versatility and block out almost all the light that might otherwise bleed in.



The only shutters that may not work is Café Style Shutters. This shutter style only covers half of the window and so is better suited to kitchens, dining rooms or any room that requires a lot of light.



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