Can you have shutters on a bay window? Bay windows are a beautiful feature and provide added light and space to any room. But knowing how to dress them can be tricky. Do you opt for blinds? Or Curtains? Or do you opt for shutters? Can you even put shutters on a bay window?

The answer is yes! Shutters are one of the very best window dressings for bay windows. They look sleek and stylish, last for years to come and can even be paired with curtains. Find out more about the benefits of bay window shutters…

Benefits Of Putting Shutters On A Bay Window

  • Privacy And Security – Bay window shutters are an excellent choice for privacy, especially if your home is overlooked by neighbours or located on a busy street. They allow you to maintain privacy without blocking out the daylight. Plus, having sturdy window shutters fitted to your bay windows adds another level of security that will deter opportunist thieves.
  • Light Control – The panels and louvres provide plenty of control over light. Bay window shutters, when closed, block out a great deal of light, making them ideal for bedroom bay windows.
  • Insulating – Insulation is a feature many people forget to consider when choosing a window dressing. Shutters are made from a high-quality wood or faux wood material that will help block out noise pollution whilst simultaneously insulating the room.
  • Space Saving – Unlike other window dressings, such as curtains, shutters do not take up a lot of room. They are tailormade to perfectly fit your bay windows and they sit snugly against the window so you can make the most of the additional floor space that bay windows offer.
  • Stylish – It’s no secret that bay window shutters look stylish. They complement any type of home décor and are available in a range of finishes and colours.
  • Long-Lasting – Shutters are made from a durable, quality material that will withstand the wear and tear of a busy family home. Although they can be more costly than other window dressing, bay window shutters will last for years to come (and they never go out of style!)
  • Easy To Maintain – Wipe your bay window shutters down with a damp cloth to remove dust and you’re all set! They won’t hold onto odours or stains and don’t need to be removed to clean them.
bay window shutters

Choosing Shutters For Your Bay Window

So, it is clear that putting shutters on a bay window is an excellent idea! They are practical, always stylish and can increase the value of your home. However, several types of shutters look amazing on bay windows. Here are the most popular shutter styles for bay windows:

Full Height Bay Window Shutters

Full height shutters are by far the most popular shutters on the market. And rightfully so. They can be tailored to perfectly fit any window, regardless of shape or size. Plus, they’re versatile and provide excellent light and privacy control.

Full height shutters cover the whole window. The panels can be opened and closed, and the louvres can be adjusted to control the light. They are available in a range of finishes and colours.

Café Style Bay Window Shutters

Café style shutters are a popular choice for ground floor bay windows, particularly in lounges, dining rooms and offices. As with all shutters, café style shutters are perfectly fit to snuggly sit on your bay windows.

The difference is, café style bay window shutters cover only the bottom half of the windows. This allows you to maintain privacy in your home whilst letting the natural light flood in. They are particularly great if you have a small room that needs a lot of light.

Tier On Tier Bay Window Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are similar to full height shutters in that they cover the entirety of the bay windows. However, these nifty shutters feature a mid-rail that separates the top half of the shutter panel from the bottom half. This offers unrivalled versatility.

You can have the top half of the shutters open to let the light in whilst keeping the bottom half closed for privacy. Tier on tier shutters look amazing on tall, large bay windows.

Solid Panel Bay Window Shutters

If you have a period home, or you’re going for a traditional look with your home décor, you may prefer solid panel bay window shutters.

Solid panel shutters do not offer as much versatility as other shutters styles, but they will enhance your period home, provide near blackout when closed and offer insulation for your bay windows. As with all shutters, solid panel shutters are available in a range of colours.

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