Can you pair shutters and curtains? Yes! When done right, pairing shutters and curtains can add texture and warmth to a room. Whether you want to update your home décor, block out existing light or add a softness to your home, pairing shutters and curtains will work wonders.

Pairing Shutters And Curtains In The Bedroom

If you have traditional shutters, such as full height shutters or tier on tier shutters, you will notice that light bleeds in through the slats when they are closed. Although this isn’t a big deal in most rooms in the home, it may not be ideal for your bedroom.

If you love having stylish shutters in your bedroom, but don’t enjoy being woken up by the light bleeding in, you can pair your shutters with curtains. The wooden shutters will block out the majority of the light, meaning even a light pair of curtains will work well to block out the remaining light.

Pairing Shutters And Curtains For Décor

Shutters make an excellent addition to any home. They are a durable and sturdy window dressing that is easy to maintain. And they last for years. Because of this reason, most people opt for neutral colours when choosing their perfect shutters.

With neutral shades, such as whites, creams, greys and natural wood shades, it is far easier to re-decorate and find home décor palettes that complement the neutral shades. By adding curtains to your windows, you can add a splash of colour or a stylish pattern to the room, without compromising on your shutters.

Adding curtains can also soften the look of a room that has shutters already fitted. The aim is to achieve a stylish contrast without the shutters and curtains clashing.

For example, if you have dark grey shutters, they will look gorgeous paired with crisp white curtains. Or, if you have simple white shutters, they will look great paired with a bold colour or patterned curtain.

Pairing Shutters And Curtains For Insulation

Although many people don’t realise it, a lot of heat escapes through poorly dressed windows. Similarly, cool air can sneak in during the winter months. If you want to insulate your home and cut the cost of your energy bills, you should consider pairing shutters and curtains!

Shutters, especially Full Height Shutters, Tier on Tier Shutters and Solid Panel Shutters, have insulating qualities. The high-quality wooden materials provide an added layer of insulation. Pair them with curtains, and you’ve got a thermal window dressing perfect for keeping your home toasty.

tier on tier shutters

How To Pair Shutters And Curtains

Pairing shutters and curtains is easier than you may think. And with these tips, you should be able to reap the benefits of this stylish combination:

  • Always choose your shutters first. These are the most permanent fixture, and it is easier to choose curtains that complement your shutters rather than the other way around. Plus, you can get an idea of what type of curtain pole you will need.
  • Ensure your shutters are properly installed, and that you are happy with them before you consider adding curtains.
  • Think about the finish of your shutters when choosing a curtain pole. You want a curtain pole that complements the shutters.
  • Ensure your curtains poll are long enough so that your curtains are wider than the window, sitting on the outside of the shutters. This way, the curtains won’t get in the way when you want to adjust the shutters. Tip: Fitting the curtain pole well above the window frame will make the window look taller.
  • Ensure you choose colours that complement each other, otherwise, the window area and room may look messy and busy.
  • Add tiebacks for an elegant look. Shutters alone look expensive and elegant. You don’t want to take away from that with shabby curtains. Curtains in a quality fabric with tie backs will look best with shutters.

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