In this blog, we’re going to look at whether you can put shutters on a bay window (the answer is yes by the way!) and help you choose the best shutters for your bay window.

Bay windows can be found in both modern and traditional houses and are a beautiful feature when dressed correctly. However, knowing how to dress a bay window can be tricky.

Most people want a window dressing that will provide privacy and light control without taking away space. Plus, it is important that a window dressing enhances the window’s natural features.

So, can you put shutters on a bay window? Yes! Of course you can. In fact, shutters are one of the best types of window dressings for bay windows.

What About Other Window Dressings?

Other window dressings, such as curtains and blinds, can be used to dress a bay window, but most people would agree that they are not the best option.

Curtains can be difficult to get right and usually require special curtain rails. Similarly, blinds can be a challenging window dressing to work with when dressing a bay window, particularly if there are numerous window panels.

Plus, neither curtains nor blinds offer the versatility and control that you will get with shutters.

The Benefits Of Putting Shutters On A Bay Window

Shutters allow you to make the very most of your bay windows. They are made to measure, meaning they perfectly fit the size and shape of your bay windows. This maximises space and creates a stylish look in any room.

tier on tier shutters on bay window

There are various shutter options to choose from when dressing a bay window. The image above shows tier on tier shutters on a bay window.

Each shutter type is available in a range of colours and materials, so you can choose bespoke shutters that accentuate the décor in your home.

Also, shutters on a bay window allow you to control the light, privacy, and temperature of your home. They look amazing in any room, especially living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Blackout shutters are also available for bay windows.

This practical and versatile window dressing is incredibly durable and low maintenance. They won’t hold onto dirt, mould or odours like fabric window dressings, and can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Putting shutters on a bay window can also add a layer of security to your home by shielding your valuables from intruding eyes. Plus, they add value to your home, which will be useful if you ever come to sell it.  

What Types Of Shutters Can You Put On A Bay Window?

Full height shutters, tier on tier shutters and café style shutters are all popular shutter types for bay windows. If you would like a more traditional twist to your window dressing, you could opt for solid panel shutters.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are by far our most popular shutter here at Shuttertec. They cover the entirety of your bay window panels and can be seamlessly configured allowing you to control the light and privacy.

When closed, they are excellent at blocking out noise pollution and keeping heat inside your home. Full height shutters are available in over 100 different colours, 5 different louvre styles and 3 different tilt rod configurations.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are the best option for versatility and flexibility. They are ideal if you have tall bay windows. Tier on tier shutters feature two shutter panels, one on the top half of your windows and one on the bottom half.

Both shutter panels can be adjusted separately from each other, meaning you can choose to have the bottom ones open and the top ones closed, and vice versa.

Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters are also an excellent window dressing for bay windows. Café style shutters cover just the lower part of the window.

If you would like to flood your home with daylight whilst maintaining privacy, café style shutters will be perfect for your bay windows. Café style shutters are ideal if your home is overlooked and you require constant privacy.

cafe style shutters on bay window

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