If you are thinking about selling your home, you’re likely considering ways in which you can increase the value. Revamping the garden, decorating in neutral colours, and having your home deep cleaned are all simple yet effective ways to help your home sell quicker.

You may also be considering updating the window dressing. The question is, do interior shutters increase home value?

And the answer is yes! Adding interior wooden shutters to your home is an excellent way to increase home value and sell your home quickly.  

Why Do Interior Shutters Increase Home Value?

Interior shutters are a popular window dressing thanks to their versatility, practicality and style. When you opt for Full Height Shutters, Tier on Tier Shutters, Café Style Shutters or something else, you will find that having shutters in your home increase the value for potential buyers. Here’s why:


Everybody wants to feel safe in their own home. it’s why we install additional locks, security alarms and CCTV to deter criminals. But did you know that adding shutters to your home can also add another element of security?

More often than not, burglars are opportunists looking for a quick and easy way to get in and get out. But Shutters are a robust and durable wood (or faux wood) material that is perfectly fitted to your window, creating an additional strong barrier to deter burglars.

Privacy & Light Control

For many potential home buyers, privacy is an important factor when looking for a new home. If your home is located in a busy area or is overlooked by neighbours, it may deter people from buying it. Shutters are one of the very best window dressings when it comes to privacy as they can block out prying eyes without blocking out the sunlight.

With shutters, you have complete control over light and privacy. You don’t have to forfeit one for the other. Instead, you can have total privacy whilst still letting the light in.

kitchen interior shutters

Energy Efficient

When it comes to saving money on energy bills, shutters are a wise investment. In the cooler months, the quality material will prevent heat from escaping whilst simultaneously trapping cold draughts in between the window and the shutter. This will keep the house warm and cosy and reduce the cost of heating bills.

Similarly, in the summer months, shutters can effectively block out sunlight whilst still allowing a cool breeze to flow through the house.

Aside from blocking out the cold and maintaining heat, shutters are also excellent at blocking out noise pollution. This is particularly useful if you live near a busy road where cars pass regularly.

One Less Expense For The New Homeowner

For a new homeowner, having to invest in brand new window dressings can be costly. But when a home is already fitted with beautiful window shutters, it is one less expense for the new homeowner.

And considering shutters are one of the more costly window dressings, purchasing a home with shutters already fitted is extremely beneficial!


Shutters are durable, long-lasting window dressings that look amazing for years to come and need very little maintenance. They can withstand the wear and tear of a busy family home and will not need replacing for a long time.

Plus, neutral colours, such as white, grey, cream or wood coloured shutters complement any décor and can even be paired with curtains.

Elegance And Style

Window shutters look amazing. It’s as simple as that! They add a touch of elegance and style to any home and immediately make a home look a little more “expensive”. Plus, window shutters look great from the outside of the home too. This is particularly important as “curb appeal” is crucial when selling your home.

Choosing The Right Interior Shutters

There is a wide variety of interior shutters to choose from. And once you have chosen the style you like, you then have to choose the louvre size, material, colour and finish etc. Knowing which shutters are best for your home can be tricky. If you plan on selling your home, we suggest opting for Full Height Shutters or Tier on Tier Shutters as they are the most versatile and traditional.

Check out our Quick Guide To Shutters here for more information.

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