Do window shutters keep heat in? Yes, window shutters are excellent at keeping the heat in and insulating your home! Window shutters have a whole range of benefits.

Whether you opt for full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, café style shutters, blackout shutters, tracked shutters or full panel shutters, you will be impressed by the versatility and quality of the window dressing.

Keeping your home insulated is incredibly important during the winter months. The World Health Organisation recommends having a minimum temperature of 18 degrees celsius. Having a temperature below 16 degrees celsius can contribute to respiratory illnesses and other winter bugs.

Insulating Your Home With Window Shutters

Did you know, around 25-30% of heat is lost through the windows in your home? Even energy-efficient windows struggle to keep all the heat in during the freezing months. If you would like to keep your home during winter, window shutters will be an excellent investment.

Window shutters are tailormade to perfectly fit your window, regardless of shape or size. They are expertly fitted to sit snugly against your window frame, meaning heat won’t escape around the edges as it does with curtains and many types of blinds.

In addition, window shutters are made using high-quality real wood. And as many of you know, wood is a natural insulator. Even waterproof shutters, which are made using a high-grade ABS (a hard, lightweight plastic) have insulating properties!

Full height shutters, tier on tier shutters and solid panel shutters are particularly great for keeping the heat in your home. Alternatively, our blackout shutters are fitted with a discreet blind, ensuring they block out light whilst insulating your home.

Saving On Energy Bills With Window Shutters

Window shutters are the most energy-efficient window dressing. If you find yourself with a hefty heating bill during the cooler months, you could benefit from investing in shutters.

Any cold air that comes in through your windows will be trapped behind the shutters. Plus, the heat won’t be able to escape through the wooden material. They create an added thermal layer to your windows.

full height window shutters

Window Dressing For All Seasons

Aside from keeping your home insulated during the cooler months, shutters are also incredibly useful in the summer. In the UK, our homes aren’t well-equipped for hot weather.

Very few homes have air conditioning. So, when the temperatures rise dramatically during the summer months, we just kind of… put up with it. Opening the windows and plugging in a fan is as close to AC as we get!

Depending on which shutters you opt for, the versatile window dressing will block out the direct sun whilst allowing a cool breeze to filter through an open window.

Thanks to the adjustable slats, you can continue to enjoy the view from your home, whilst keeping the direct sunlight out.

Additional Ways To Keep Your Home Warm

Keeping your home warm whilst saving energy can be tricky. Investing in window shutters is one of the best ways to keep the heat in. As well as from this, there are other cost-effective things you can do:

  • Block out draughts – Draught excluders can be picked up from most homeware stores and are a simple and effective way to stop heat escaping.  Keep draught excluders in whichever rooms you spend the most time in, such as the lounge and bedroom.
  • Use area rugs – A significant amount of heat can also be lost through your floors, especially if you have hardwood, tiles or stone floors. Use area rugs to prevent heat loss and keep your feet toasty during the winter.
  • Move your sofa – If your sofa is currently in front of your radiator, it may be time to re-arrange your furniture. Your sofa will be blocking the heat from rising and preventing the room from getting warm. Having your heating on and the radiator covered is a complete waste of money and energy.
  • Use heat reflectors – Energy-saving radiator reflector panels are cheap enough to buy and simple to install. When placed behind your radiator, they will prevent heat from escaping through the walls and project the heat out into the room.

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