Unusually shaped windows are a beautiful and quirky addition to your home. They add elegance, style and character to any room in the house. But how do you cover an unusually shaped window?

Popular types of shaped windows include full round, half round, quarter round, pentagon, eclipse, triangle, octagon, hexagon, triangle, extended half round, oval and trapezoid.

However, knowing how to dress an unusually shaped window can be tricky. You want to be able to control the light and ensure privacy without covering your unusual window completely.

In this blog, we’re going to share our tips for choosing the best window covering for your shaped windows.

Shaped Shutters For Unusually Shaped Windows

Shaped shutters the most popular window dressing for shaped windows. And rightly so! They are without a doubt the best option, offering total flexibility whilst enhancing the beauty of your shaped window.

The Benefits Of Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters are tailormade to perfectly fit your window. More often than not, they sit within the window frame, meaning they don’t take up any space or intrude on a room. Even when the shaped shutters are fully closed, you can admire the unusual shape of your unique window.

Shaped shutters offer complete control over light and privacy. There are various styles to choose from, as well as several louvre sizes. Whatever you go for, you will have a stylish and versatile window dressing that allows you to alter the light and privacy levels as you see fit.

Made to measure shaped shutters are also available in a waterproof material, making them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and indoor swimming pools. In addition, you can make a bold statement by opting for coloured shutters.

shaped shutters from Shuttertec

As with all shutters, shaped shutters also add a thermal layer to your window. They will keep the heat in during the winter months. Whereas in the summer, you can block the sunlight out whilst letting in a nice breeze.

This durable window dressing will last for years to come and can even be paired with curtains. Plus, they’re easy to maintain. They can be cleaned effortlessly and don’t hold onto dirt or odours.

Blinds For Shaped Windows

Although they don’t offer quite as many benefits as shaped shutters, blinds are also a great option for unusually shaped windows.

You have various options to choose from, including roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and roman blinds. You can also choose from various patterns and colours.

Like shaped shutters, blinds give you the option to control the light and privacy levels of your home. However, blinds are not fitted to the frame in the same way shaped shutters are. This means they will likely take up more room and may even cover the shape of your window when closed.

Frosted Window Film For Shaped Windows

Patterned and frosted window film is a cost-effective option for covering your fitted windows. If you have a particularly small, shaped window, you may opt for frosted window film rather than shaped shutters or blinds.

Patterned window film and window frosting come in a range of patterns, styles and sizes. You simply measure your window and then cut it to size. Although it is a cheap alternative, frosted or patterned window film doesn’t offer the same flexibility as other window dressings.

It doesn’t block out the light and it cannot be altered as and when you need to control the light or privacy. Plus, it won’t last as long as other window dressings.

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