The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you relax, unwind, spend quality time with your family and entertain guests.

So when it comes to the décor of your living room, you don’t want to compromise. With living room window shutters, you can easily control the light and privacy levels in your lounge, whilst complementing the décor of the room.

Benefits Of Living Room Shutters

Shutters are a stylish and elegant window dressing that have a range of benefits. Aside from providing ultimate control over light and privacy, window shutters also add a layer of insulation to the room.

During the winter months, your shutters will trap the heat inside the room and prevent cool draughts from getting in. They will also help reduce noise pollution, which can be a problem if you live on a road or busy street.

Window shutters also have unbeatable curb appeal, making your home look amazing from the outside as well as inside. They are a durable and sturdy window dressing, that will withstand the wear and tear of a busy family home without needing repairs or replacements.

Plus, shutters are the easiest window dressing to clean. Simply wipe over the slats with a dry cloth and you’re good! They don’t hold onto odour, stains or dust – the latter makes them ideal for people with allergies.

What To Consider When Choosing Living Room Shutters

Shutters are an all-around excellent choice for a living room. However, with so many options to choose from, deciding on shutters can be tricky. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing living room shutters:

Light And Privacy

The style of shutters you opt for will depend on how much light and privacy you prefer. For example, if you have a small lounge that doesn’t face the sun, you may prefer shutters that let in as much light as possible, like café style shutters or tier on tier shutters.

Or if your home is overlooked by neighbours, you may prefer shutters that offer absolute privacy to block out prying eyes, such as full height shutters.

full height shutters in lounge

If you like to spend your evenings cosied up on the sofa watching Netflix, you may prefer shutters that block out street lights or glare, such as blackout shutters.

Aside from café style shutters and solid panel shutters, all shutter types offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to controlling light and privacy.

Style Of Living Room Shutters

There are several styles of shutters that work well in a living room. The style you choose depends on your personal preference.

For example, if you have a period home, you may prefer the traditional style of solid panel shutters. Or if your living room has patio or bi-folding doors, tracked shutters will be perfect for you. Those with windows that feature patterns or stained glass might prefer café style shutters, enabling them to display the beauty of their windows. The full range of shutter styles includes:

Shutters look amazing on any style of window. From bay windows and sash windows to unusually shaped windows, shutters are a fantastic choice of window dressings for every living room.

Types Of Shutter Frames

When choosing shutters for your lounge, you can choose from L-frame shutters to Z-frame shutters. If your windows already have an existing trim, L-frame shutters will be better as these blend in more and are subtle.

Whereas Z-frame shutters feature a decorative moulding that surrounds the opening of the window. These are particularly great if you have uneven windows that are not perfectly level (popular in older properties and cottages).


Most people opt for a neutral colour when choosing shutters for their living room. White, cream, light grey and traditional wood colour are all extremely popular. But other people prefer to make a statement with bold and colourful shutters.

With our custom-colour shutters, you can have your living room shutters customised to match your favourite paint colour from many popular brands, including Dulux, Crown and Farrow & Ball.

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