Like no other product on the market, window shutters ooze elegance, quality and luxury. An interiors dream, thanks to their practicality and design. But, how do you clean window shutters?

Once you’ve had your beautiful design fitted, you’ll want to make sure they stay in perfect condition.

Whether you’re cleaning them for guests or they’re just in desperate need after months of neglect, this blog will provide helpful tips and tricks, to make your life easier, and keep your window shutters in tip-top condition.

Are Shutters Easy To Clean?

Shutters are the easiest of all window dressings to keep clean. Shutters bring many benefits to a home, but perhaps the most beneficial is how little maintenance they require.

In comparison to blinds, they save hours of cleaning.

Regular cleaning is recommended, but to keep your shutters looking the best, it depends on the dust and grime that is exposed to them.

If you dust them regularly, they shouldn’t need a deep clean more than twice a year.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Shutters?

Cleaning your shutters should be a breeze if you follow these simple and easy steps:

1.     Regular Dusting

– We recommend using a feather duster or a dry microfibre cloth. Since dust from the top of the slats will naturally settle on the lower’s ones, start at the top and work your way wiping across each slat until you get to the bottom. Feather dusters can get between the slat whereas a microfibre cloth will lift the dust off. Do one side first before dusting the reverse side.

2.     Clean the built-up debris

– Dusting can collect in corners of the frame and the ends of slats. Use a dry, clean and soft toothbrush to gently push out the excess dust and wipe it away with a dry cloth. Be sure to use a soft toothbrush so you don’t scratch or leave any marks on the slats.

3.     Get rid of any marks or stains

– For sticky and stubborn stains or debris that you cant get rid of with a dry cloth, rub lightly with a damp cloth until the mark lifts. Gentle pressure ensures you won’t run the risk of damaging your slats. Once the stain has been removed, wipe away the excess moisture with a dry cloth.

4.     Avoid using cleaning products

– Avoid spraying cleaning products or water directly onto your shutter slats. If they absorb too much moisture, they could warp and in turn, ruin the overall look of your shutter.

5.     Using your vacuum cleaner

– Once you have done the previous steps, vacuum away the fallen debris or dust beneath the frame. This will reduce the risk of dust floating back to the shutters. Alternatively, to the previous steps, you can clean your shutters with a vacuum if you have a soft attachment. Clean your slats with the same simple steps you would with a duster or cloth.

6.     Paint over the stains

– If your shutters have seen wear and tear over the years, and there’s just no removing a stain, then painting could be the perfect option. A soft paintbrush is desired so further scratches are avoided.

We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your shutters looking brand new!

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