Bay windows are an interesting case when it comes to deciding on, creating and installing the right window coverings for them. Defined by the Collins English Dictionary as a window that “sticks out from the outside wall of a house”, a bay window can be quite distinctive, both visually and in the sense of the practical consequences it has for the occupants of the given room.

These protruding window spaces largely became popular in the first place because they provided a means by which a greater amount of light could be allowed into the space in question. At the same time, they are a very eye-catching architectural feature, which helps explain why so many bay window on historic properties have been styled to look rather grand and ornate.

So, let’s assume you have been contemplating your options for window coverings for your own property’s bay windows, and you are beginning to settle on the idea of shutters. What steps do you need to go through to ensure you benefit from the optimal solution?

Assess the situation and requirements for your bay window

Bay windows can hugely vary in terms of the issues that they present, with regard to how they can be suitably dressed. So, the first thing to consider is precisely what those key issues are with your own bay window, and therefore, what you will need the shutters to do.

If, for instance, the bay window is facing an empty field, you are much less likely to be anxious about the privacy aspect. But you may find that the bay window allows just too much light into the room, in the context of what you use the space for. This will likely inform the choice of shutters that you make.

Determine the type of window shutters you desire

For any given bay window in any given room, there is no ‘catch-all’ answer to the question of which shutters should be installed. This is because so much will come down to personal preference and the practical aspects of how you use the space in question.

Nonetheless, your considerations in the aforementioned step will have hopefully enabled you to start narrowing down your preferences for different types of shutters.

Many people buying shutters for bay windows, for instance, want to continue benefitting from the plentiful natural light that these windows allow into a room, but really do require some degree of privacy, too. This may lead them to consider a solution such as Café Style shutters, which only cover a window’s bottom half, so that daylight can otherwise travel through the glass unimpeded.

Alternatively, if your room’s bay window is ground level and next to a busy street, even Café Style shutters may not offer quite the amount of privacy required. Or you may even be concerned that during the colder months, shutters that leave part of your bay window permanently uncovered could allow too much heat to easily escape through it. In that case, our full-height shutters may represent an excellent, and versatile, option.  

Book an appointment to get your relationship with Shuttertec started!

So, you will now hopefully have a good, broad idea of your needs from bay windows shutters in Essex. Why not now take the next step of getting discussions started with professionals, so that they can help you consider your full range of preferences and expectations for this important home improvement?

With the ordering process with us typically taking about three to 12 weeks, it is important to book an appointment so that you can quickly start determining exactly what you want your new shutters to look and feel like. Fortunately, sales appointments can normally be accommodated within 48 hours, so you have little reason not to take action.