As shutters are a traditional window dressing, people often ask if they are suitable for modern homes. The answer is yes! With such a wide variety of shutter styles to choose from, we have no doubt you will find modern and stylish shutters for modern homes.

There are some shutter styles, such as Solid Panel Shutters and Café Style Shutters that are the go-to shutters for traditional homes. But if you live in a modern home, or you are re-decorating and opting for a sleek and modern décor, there are plenty of shutter styles for you. Most shutter styles can even be paired with curtains.

Let’s explore them, shall we…

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are the most popular style of shutters. They are versatile, practical, sleek and stylish, making them ideal for modern homes.

Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window and can be opened or closed, plus the louvres can be tilted, giving your optimum control over light and privacy. Made from high-quality wood, these shutters complement any home. They offer sound and noise insulation and are available in a range of colours.

Waterproof full height shutters are also available for rooms that may have high humidity or condensation. Alternatively, if you are looking for practical and stylish shutters for your bedroom, Blackout Shutters are available. They cover the full window and have a discreet blackout blind fitted behind the louvres, allowing you to completely block the light out when you want a good nights’ sleep.

full height shutters from Shuttertec

Shaped Shutters

Shaped windows are common in older properties. But modern homes often have shaped skylights and shaped windows in the roof of their conservatories and extensions. If you have a shaped window in your home, Shaped Shutters is the best way to dress it!

They are practical, tailormade and perfectly fitted.

Tier On Tier Shutters

If you want even more flexibility with your shutters, Tier On Tier is the shutter style for you. Tier on tier shutters are particularly ideal if you have tall windows in your modern home. Sleek and stylish, these shutters are very similar to full height shutters.

The only difference is, they have a mid-rail, which splits the panels into the two. So, you will have two top panels and two bottom panels, all of which open independently from each other.

You can have the bottom two panels closed for privacy but keep the top panels open to let the daylight flood in. Tier on tier shutters really are the ultimate in light and privacy control.

Tracked Shutters

Patio doors, French doors and bi-folding doors are a staple in many modern doors. And Tracked Shutters are the perfect way to dress them! Our Tracked Shutters feature a rolling top track system, which ensures all the weight is on the top and the panel weight is evenly distributed.

We even have the option for the louvres to self-close when you fold them back, which minimises any potential damage. As with all shutters, tracked shutters are sturdy and durable, meaning they will last for years to come – even in a busy home!

If you have an open plan home (very popular in modern properties), tracked shutters can be used as a modern and stylish room divider.

Tracked shutters for patio doors

Custom Colour Shutters

Whether you are going for sleek and minimal décor, or bold and colourful, there are shutters styles to suit your modern home. Custom colour shutters can be designed to perfectly suit your preference. If you have a specific paint colour in mind, your Customer Colour Shutters can be designed in this specific colour.

Need More Help Choosing Your Shutter Style?

Here at Shuttertec, we supply beautiful bespoke shutters in a variety of styles to Essex, London and Kent. We can measure your space, create gorgeous tailormade shutters and install them for you.

Shutters have a range of benefits and can even increase the value of your home, which is ideal if you come to sell, rent out your home, or if you decide to turn your home into a holiday letting.

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