Are you looking for an experienced and reliable supplier of shutters for new build homes in Essex, Kent and other locations within the London area? Or are you purchasing a new build home and looking for gorgeous window shutters?

We can help. At Shuttertec, we can offer you temporary blinds – free of charge – to see you through the lead times for shutters. Our express service would still average a minimum of 2-3 weeks in non-peak times and with our solid wood shutters arriving from China, they have a typically long lead time, you need not worry about a temporary solution. Let us take care of that for you.

The Shuttertec team can accommodate surveys prior to your move-in date and will work with you to arrange installation around your completion date. This may mean (if timed correctly), we could actually install your product prior to you moving in and you have one less thing to worry about with a hectic move schedule.

Are Shutters Right For Modern Homes?

Yes! Shutters are great for both traditional and modern homes. Interior window shutters were once considered a traditional window dressing. But in recent years there has been a huge increase in the use of shutters in new build and contemporary homes.

Likely because made-to-measure wooden shutters complement the simplicity, elegance and style of new build properties. Shutters exude quality and luxury, making them an obvious choice for new build properties. They finish off the stylish look of a new build property.

Shutters For New Build Homes: The Benefits

If you’re considering shutters for your new build home (or for your new build property development), you’ll be pleased to know that this fantastic window dressing is as beneficial as it is beautiful. Here are just some of the benefits of shutters for new build homes:

Added Security

Unlike other window dressings, shutters are made using solid, quality wood or faux wood. This adds a sturdy barrier and an added layer of security that is sure to deter opportunist thieves. Plus, window shutters can increase the value of your new home!

Versatility & Privacy

Shutters offer far better light control than other window dressings. Full Height Shutters and Tier On Tier Shutters are particularly versatile. The shutter panels can be opened and closed, and the louvres can be tilted to adjust the level of light.

If you had tier on tier shutters in the bedroom, for example, you could keep the bottom half of the panel closed for privacy but open the top half to let light in.

With the tilting louvres, which are available in various sizes, you can maintain complete privacy in your new home without blocking out the light. As you are settling into a new house in a new location, privacy will be important to you and your family.


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Range Of Shutter Styles To Choose From

Shutters are available in a range of styles. Aside from the ever-so-popular Full Height Shutters and the versatile Tier On Tier Shutters, you can also choose from:

  • Café Style Shutters – cover a portion of the window and look amazing in kitchens and dining room.
  • Waterproof Shutters – made from high-quality faux wood and are perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms, laundry rooms and anywhere high in humidity.
  • Blackout Shutters – ideal for bedrooms, these shutters have a discreet blackout blind fitted snugly behind the shutter panel, offering total blackout when closed. Great if you’re a shift worker, or a nursery for that growing family.
  • Solid Panel Shutters – look amazing in traditional or period homes yet don’t offer as much versatility as they don’t have louvres.
  • Shaped Shutters – ideal for unusually shaped windows including circles, triangles, arches and dorma windows.
  • Custom Colour Shutters – the colour of your chosen shutters can be matched to a paint colour of your choice.
  • Tracked Shutters – perfect for bi-folding doors or patio doors. Also, they make a great room divider for open plan new build homes.

A Blank Canvas For Home Décor

New build homes are almost always decorated in neutral colours so that the new homeowners can put their own stamp on the new home. Most people choose neutral coloured shutters in shades of white, grey or cream. These simple yet elegant shutters will then complement any colour or pattern you opt for when decorating your new build home.


Window shutters will add a layer of insulation to your newly built home, preventing heat from escaping during the winter months and stopping draughts from getting in. Plus, in the summer months, they will act as a shield against the direct sunlight, keeping your home cool.

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