In this post, we’ll outline the very best shutters for insulation, so you can keep your home cosy during the cooler months.

Bespoke window shutters offer a unique and stylish way to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while effectively controlling natural light and privacy. 

While you may be quick to assume that the primary benefit of window shutters are their timeless style, our range of bespoke products are also incredibly practical. For example, shutters are excellent for insulating your home..

Full Height Shutters For Insulation

Full height window shutters are, without a doubt, the most popular, practical and versatile product. By covering the entire window, they offer unrivalled light control, thermal protection, and additional means of controlling outside noise. 

You can keep them closed and adjust the louvres, or open the shutters completely. Having the ability to control every aspect of the shutters allows you to instantly configure the level of privacy and lighting a room has. Adding full height shutters to your windows is also a handy way to insulate your home further.

As we mentioned, full height shutters cover the entirety of the window, making them the perfect shutters for insulation. That additional layer of the highest quality wooden materials between your home and the outside world ensures that a room will be much warmer. 

And if your home is particularly chilly, full height shutters can easily be paired with curtains. This will further increase your home’s insulation while providing you with an additional way to get creative with your home decor.

full height plantation shutters

Tier On Tier Shutters For Insulation

With some shutter styles, there is somewhat of a dilemma between light control and privacy. If you want more light, you have to sacrifice privacy, and vice versa. But that’s not the case with tier-on-tier shutters. They have a midrail separating the top half of the panels from the bottom half, meaning all four panels can be opened independently from each other.

But how does that make them shutters for insulation? When closed, Tier on tier shutters will insulate your home just as well as full height shutters. Plus, with such flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control, you can make the most of the warmth and benefits of sunlight without the concern of others being able to see through your windows. 

Also, this is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of energy bills. Tier on tier shutters will also help keep you cool in the warmer months by blocking out the direct sunlight whilst allowing cool air (from an open window) to breeze through the louvres.

Solid Panel Shutters For Insulation

Solid panel window shutters have a very classic aesthetic that works well in period homes as well as modern properties. Solid Panel shutters don’t have louvres. These beautifully-crafted solid panel shutters add a touch of class to any household while providing a simple yet highly effective way to keep your home warm.

Their solid panels don’t just look fantastic; they ensure that as much cold air as possible is trapped between the window and the panel. 

Therefore, when you purchase bespoke solid panel window panels from Shuttertec, you aren’t just making your home look nicer — you provide it with an additional insulation solution and a way to save a bit of money on your energy bills. It sounds like a win-win to us!

Solid panel shutter for bedroom window

Blackout Shutters For Insulation

If you’re looking for a way to completely block light out and insulate your home, blackout window shutters are the answer. 

It’s very common for customers to purchase blackout shutters if they are light sleepers or want to create a darker environment i.e. for a cinema room. But did you know that blackout shutters are also among the best shutters for insulation?

Much like solid panels, blackout shutters effectively trap cold air that penetrates windows and prevents it from impacting the room’s temperature. The blackout blind that sits behind the shutter panels adds an added layer of insulation whilst giving you ultimate control of UV light.. 

So, you can pretty much completely prevent external light from bleeding into the room while simultaneously retaining heat. Whether you want a warm, undisturbed night’s sleep or a cosy environment to watch films with your family — look no further than our blackout shutters.

To explore the full range of window shutters, check out our Quick Guide To Shutters.

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