Blind Screen™.

Blind Screen in Essex offers the ultimate solution to blackout and fly screens in one ultra-durable product. With easy operation, multiple syles available, and a wide range of fabric choices, Blind Screen is the new, next best thing.


Why Choose

Blind Screen in Essex?

Blind Screen™ are the latest product on the market to revolutionise the your window! Let’s find out why.

Two reasons. Blackout and Fly Screens. Even though most blackout blinds are sold as blackout, they really aren’t. Whilst the fabric may be blackout, there are often gaps around the sides of the product which can let in a lot of unnecessary light, quite often making the blind useless for its intentions.

And it’s been that way for years. Blackout Shutters were the next best thing, but aren’t suited to everyones taste and can be quite expensive. Blind Screen bridges that gap just nicely, offering affordable, 100% blackout. Almost no other product on the market can achieve the level of perfect darkness that this product does.

Also, this unique product also can double up as a fly screen (optional). You can slide the blind one way for blackout and the other way for an integrated fly screen.

Absolutely perfect for the summer!

Blind Screen Range

They are convenient, affordable and require minimal upkeep to keep them looking great.

There are 3 different options for our Blind Screen, simply put; 01, 02, 03. Each varient has it’s own uniqute set of features, from the slimline 01 suitable for small internal windows to the 03, designed with wider patio or bi-folding foors in mind. With this product going up to 6 metres in length, every opening in the home can benefit from Blind Screen™


  • Available in various styles to match your interior decor
  • Full blackout option available
  • Thermol™ honeycomb blinds will help regulate room temperature
  • Slim design allows for fitting into almost any room inside the home
  • A dual-purpose product

Note* All options are available in a single fabric and dual fabric option. (Blackout or blackout and fly screen)



Delivery to Shuttertec is currently 15 working days. We'll aim to complete your installation within the next 5 working days that follows.

The aluminium frame has a 5 year warranty and the fabric currently holds a 3 year warranty.

They are manufactured from powder coated aluminium and polyester fabric.

Currently, we can manufacture to a 6m wide frame and 2.8m in height. Anything above the length of 6m will require a join in the frame.

Yes! The official figures are pending, and are currently being tested by the Universtity of Derby (April '24) and figures will be publish soon. Honeycomb blinds are one of the highest rated thermal blinds on the market, they can reduce heat by 40% or more.

Honey Comb Thermal Rating

Essex Blind Screen

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Blackout & Fly Screen Dual Integration in 1 product

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A good range of colours and fabrics to choose from, and available in just 3-4 weeks.

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Modern Design

Three different blind screen types to choose from, suitable for a wide range of properties

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Thermal Properties

Blind Screen helps regulate the temperature of the home