Motorised Shutters.

The ultimate in shutter technology, allowing seamless louvre movement and automated home integration. Batteries that are charged by sunlight just add a touch more sophisication to this already brilliant product.


Why Choose Motorised Shutters?

These days, many people utilise smart technology at home, offering a more modern, advanced and convenient experience.

While motorised shutters have been around for quite some time in one form or another, it’s safe to say shutters have been revolutionised thanks to the advances in modern technology. With motorised window shutters, you can configure both natural light and privacy at home with the touch of a button.

Whether you have shutters installed in hard-to-reach areas or will be out of the house and need your shutters to be closed for privacy and security, motorised shutters get the job done. The remote control attaches easily to your wall and instantly responds to your command.

User-Friendly and Convenient.

Although motorised shutters combine bespoke craftsmanship and brilliant technology, that doesn’t mean they are a complicated product.

Motorised shutters are designed to be as user-friendly as possible to ensure maximum benefit and customer satisfaction. Once installed, you have a brilliant yet discreet addition to your home that offers total convenience, luxury and a safeguard if you ever forget to close your shutters.

The lithium battery pack on the rear charges the battery from sunlight, which means you’ll hardly ever need to charge them manually.

Also, it’s worth noting that motorised shutters are designed and made to be a safe choice for family homes with young children. Thanks to the built-in jam protection, motorised shutters will instantly stop if there is any obstruction, such as tiny fingers or your child’s favourite toy!


Motorised Shutters Benefits

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User Friendly

Perfect solution for hard to reach areas and large installations

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Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries with integrated solar strip to extend battery life

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Remote open and close your shutters to enhance security and convenience

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Timer feature — open/close shutters even when you aren’t at home