Perfect Fit

Discover the new Perfect Fit Shutter. A revolutionary way to fit shutter blinds straight onto your window and not to your brickwork. More available space and less fuss!


Why Choose Perfect Fit Shutters?

This innovative product stands out for its easy measurement, straightforward installation, and seamless integration into your existing uPVC window frames.

Unlike traditional shutters, the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite eliminates the need for an outer framework, allowing an abundance of natural light to fill your space and providing an improved view from the inside. Its unique design mean they effortlessly clip directly onto your uPVC windows, also facilitating easy removal for cleaning. They simply pop on and off in no time at all.

A standout feature of the Perfect Fit Shutter is its ability to open with your windows or doors, ensuring a clutter-free window ledge, they are also very light weight!

Enjoy complete control over light and privacy by effortlessly tilting the shutter louvres to any angle – open, closed, or anywhere in between. Beyond its practicality, this shutter enhances your view thanks to its minimal framework.

Transform your living space.

All perfect fit shutters are proudly made in the UK and typically installed within 3 weeks.

Experience the Perfect Fit Shutter, offering easy measurement and installation, seamless movement with windows and doors, increased natural light, enhanced views, effortless removal for cleaning or decorating without drilling or caulking, clutter-free window sills, waterproof and easy to wipe clean, suitable for various openings, and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

We are seeing a huge trend with our clients currently fitting these lightweight shutters to their patio doors, we honestly believe there is no current better look or solution.

Experience the future of window shutters today!


Perfect Fit Shutters Benefits

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More cost effective than traditional shutters.

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No Mess

A complete fuss free, no drill shutter.

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10-year warranty offered.

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Perfect for open inward windows.