Shutter Service for New Builds.

High-quality shutters add a sense of luxury and convenience that’s difficult to rival, not to mention their unique aesthetic and supreme practicality.


Why Choose Shutters For New Builds?

Shutters are a subtle yet highly effective addition to any home and are an aspect of interior design that has stood the test of time — and with good reason!

With such a vast array of designs and materials available, Shuttertec can help you find a shutter style to flatter the style of your new build property. When you choose Shuttertec to supply and install your shutters, we offer temporary blinds for your bedrooms – free of charge – whilst you wait.

Our UK express service is absolutely perfect for this particular scenario. Depending on what material and options you may choose, we could install in anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This is by far the most all round convenient option as we know, you need something – and something quickly!

Shutter Blinds fitted before you move in!

We are happy to accommodate surveys prior to your move-in date and we will work with you to arrange installation around your completion date.

So, if timed correctly, your shutters could be installed prior to you moving in, meaning you have one less thing to worry about. For homeowners, plantation shutters are now recognised as a lifetime purchase. You only do this once. Unlike window blinds which can have a more limited lifespan, window shutters are here to stay and whilst the inital outlay might be costly, over the duration you live in your new home, they’ll repay themselves time and time again.

Don’t forget, Shuttertec also offers a range of finance options to help ease the burden of another hefty purchase all at once. With repayments ranging from 1 – 10 years, sometimes a manageable monthly payment is just that little bit easier.


Bespoke Shutter Service Benefits

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*FREE temporary blinds to see you through, fitted to bedrooms

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Choice of shutters from as little as 3 weeks

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The opportunity to have your shutters installed prior to move date

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Finance Arranged

To help make your life a little more stress free