Tracked Shutters.

For homes with bifold or patio doors or even larger windows, it can prove to be difficult to control the amount of light coming in whilst maintaining the privacy of your home. Here’s our solution.


Why Choose Tracked Shutters?

Many modern homes have patio doors, sliding doors and bi-fold openings that lead to a garden or other such areas.

These stylish doors open up a room and flood it with natural light – but they can be harder to cover if needed. With our tracked shutters, they use an ingenious rolling top track system ensures all the panel weight is on the top and evenly distributed ensuring smooth operation and ease of use allowing smooth operation but also, freeing up the number of panels that can go in a single direction.

The panels can slide either way, all at once or with a split giving ultimate control over your look and space. We even have the option for the louvres to self-close when you fold them back, minimising any potential damage.

Tracked shutters have user options.

Bifold tracked, By-pass tracked or free floating tracked shutters. Each setup offers a different array of controls and a user-friendly experience.

These shutters are specifically crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of expansive spaces, providing a perfect synergy of style and practicality. They can be used for door sets, but also shutter room dividers and even wardrobe doors.

Any tailored approach ensures a perfect fit, creating a cohesive and polished look that seamlessly integrates with your existing décor. If you think your home in Essex would suit tracked shutter, contact us for more information and useful advice.


Tracked Shutters Benefits

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Perfect solution for patio doors, bi-folding openings and cover expanses over 5 metres wide.

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Neat & Tidy

Doors can stack in either/both directions neatly out of the way when needed.

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Bifold, Free Floating or By-Pass. Three useful tracked shutter options.

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Not just doors

Wardrobes, room dividers or even large windows. Designed to last.