Solid Panel Shutters.

Whether you live in a period home or want to explore a more traditional decor, solid panel window shutters offer the most modern version of this classic interior design feature.


Why Choose Solid Panel Shutters?

Solid panel wooden shutters, a timeless and elegant window treatment option, add a touch of sophistication and versatility to any interior space.

These shutters are characterised by their full, unbroken panels that offer a classic and substantial appearance. Solid panel shutters bring a sense of privacy, insulation, and style to homes, making them a popular choice for various architectural styles. They are available in an array of different colours and as they are often used in period properties, they can be colour matched to a particular colour you may have used within your interior design giving these solid panel shutters even more benefits for that timeless look.

Classic Shutters

When it comes to the wide range of shutter styles out there, solid panel shutters are without a doubt the most traditional and recognisable.

This style of shutters has evolved dramatically from their predecessors and can now be mixed with louvres to give that half and half effect on doors. These solid wood shutters boast an array of additional benefits in the form of additional noise and heat insulation, a classic look with low maintenance and traditional aesthetics. They remain in high demand and are a popular choice for modern homeowners. Perfectly enhancing any period property and often used in Tier-on-Tier form, solid panel shutters provide near blackout when closed, creating a perfect environment for a bedroom shutter.


Solid Panel Shutters Benefits

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Enhance your home’s insulation & block out noise pollution

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Perfect for period homes and modern properties

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Available in a wide range of colours and textures to suit your design and style needs

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Achieve near blackout with solid panels