Waterproof Shutters.

When it comes to bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where humidity and moisture are a factor to consider — waterproof shutters are an essential bit of kit for your windows and offer the ideal solution for style, longevity and peace of mind.


Why Choose Waterproof Shutters?

Although wooden shutters are a brilliant addition to any room, bathrooms, kitchens and similar areas raise several unique challenges.

One of which is the presence of condensation, humidity and high moisture. With several waterproof interior shutters on the market, it can be difficult to choose which best suit your style of window.

With our waterproof shutters, you never have to worry. These are manufactured from high-grade ABS (a hard, lightweight plastic), making them 100% waterproof and are tailored with stainless steel hinges to match.

Strong, stylish, and durable, waterproof bathroom shutters maintain the same high standards as their wooden counterparts!

For the kitchen, they’re easily wipeable, especially in an area where they may be subject to food grease and we’d also recommend our plastic shutters for utility rooms due to potential humidity from tumble dryers.

Longevity in all environments

Perfect for the shower, kitchens, utility rooms and even wet rooms. Thanks to the design of these waterproof interior shutters, they instantly enhance the aesthetic, while offering moisture protection and extremely low maintenance.

Not only do these shutters look fantastic, but they also feature stainless steel hardware to ensure longevity in all environments.

Strong, stylish, and durable, the waterproof shutters maintain the same high standards as their wooden counterparts. They also come in the same specification to match the rest of your home, so they’ll perfectly blend.

It’s important to remember that these waterproof interior shutters are useful for all rooms. Older hourses with single glazing often suffer from high humidity and condensation, in which case, wooden shutters would be no good. ABS shutters ensure you’ll have a product which then stands the test of time.

They are the most durable plantation shutter on the market and will perfectly enhance that brand-new en-suite!


Waterproof Shutters Benefits

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High-grade ABS is 100% waterproof

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Shutters and hardware both built for longevity in tougher environments

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Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, etc.

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Look exactly like wooden shutters