Bay Window Shutters.

The cornerstone of many living space in UK homes, and an aesthetic feature to many living rooms. But how to dress them? Heavy curtains, gappy blinds? How about a seamless product which offers a complete look – how you need it to.


Bay Window Shutters, how to?

Here we discuss the best ways to cover your bay windows with our shutter blinds.

Bay windows often offer more practical living space in your home, extending the room to enhance the visual appeal and give a wider arc. But they can be a challenge to cover in the right manner which ticks all the boxes.

The most common shutter type we use in bays are full-height shutters as they cover the entirety of the window. Blinds often can only be butted together and leave unsightly gaps on either end which bleed light and privacy, but also, blinds tend to work from the ‘top-down’ and shutters work the opposite way; the ‘bottom-up’.

We can encase your entire window with our shutter offering a great degree of privacy and light solution for your window which is unrivalled by any other product on the market. In truth, bay window shutters are the best you can get.

Effortless Operation and Configuration

We can make it so easy for you to have the right bay window shutters installed

At Shuttertec, we specialise in making custom shutters that perfectly fit your bay window’s shape and size. We have shutters for all types of bay windows, including box bay, standard angle bay, and multi-angle bay.

Naturally, you will also have a decision to make on the style of the bay window shutters you purchase from us. Rest assured that we can give you a wealth of options!

Full-height shutters tend to be the most sought-after type of bay window shutters. As their name suggests, they would cover the entirety of your window. Thanks to their full coverage, you will be able to enjoy the utmost in light and heat control. This means you do not need to have any further window dressings in place.

Should you find full-height shutters are not right for you, we have several alternatives. These include Café Style or Tier-on-Tier shutters – and of course, we can advise and guide you on them all.

Café Style Bay window shutters, for instance, would cover just the bottom part of your window. This would allow you to strike a great balance between maintaining privacy and allowing plentiful natural light to enter your property. They look chic, too.


Bay Window Shutters Benefits

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Energy Efficiency

Often, by covering all of the window, they offer another layer of insulation.

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They Look Amazing

A bold statement to all rooms, they often add that “wow factor”.

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Better coverage, better aesethics, more practical and a better all round solution.

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Almost limitless choice with full height, café, tier on tier and over 100 colours to choose from.