Great question! Right now, the demand within the UK for shutters is higher than ever as people look to insulate their homes and reduce their monthly energy bills and we’re here tell tell you how much window shutters cost. Here at Shuttertec, we provide affordable shutters that are of high quality for our customers whilst catering to every budget. Our pride in our installations and product is unmatched and as such, we don’t care to be the cheapest out there, not your “in and out” business. This is how we earn our very trusted reviews.

When it comes to choosing shutters for your home, it is important to note that they vary in price depending on several different variables such as the material the shutters are manufactured from as well as how large your windows are. Window shutters are priced on a square metre basis, not so much on slat size or panel configurations and as such, each window and shutter costs slightly differ.

Our shutters currently start from £265m2 and upwards and are fitted with a fully installed service with everything we need to install your chosen shutters and leave your home just as we found it.

Should you decide that Waterproof shutters are the option you wish to go with for your home, this will cost more as the materials differ. In addition, several additional extras can also impact the costs of your chosen shutters such as the option for custom coloured shutters.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Window Shutter In The UK?

On average, a fully installed shutter blind in the UK will retail somewhere between £250 and £450 per square metre, which means a good sized 5-sided bay window will typically cost upwards of £1250.00, a 3-pane window typically upwards of £550.00 per window. – This is usually a good average price, but there’s no such thing as an average-sized window. As mentioned, shutter pricing on window size and each window varies, so use these figures as a rough guide. If you’d like a rough idea of how much your window would cost, e-mail us some dimensions of the window(s) and we’ll give you an indication before visiting to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

What Material Options Are Available When Choosing My Window Shutters

When it comes down to choosing the perfect type of shutter for your home, it is important to consider the material. Each of our Essex shutters and blinds is available in Wood, MDF, and ABS to provide the finish that perfectly suits your home. Our waterproof shutters are perfect for a bathroom and come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. Thanks to the nature of the material, it is impervious to most damage (we say most, accidents DO happen!) and will easily last double that with minimal effort all whilst withstanding the moisture that is in the air. Want to know which material is right for you and your home? Check out our blog on shutter materials to help you make an informed decision.

How To Maximise The Potential Of Your Shutters

When it comes to fitting shutters, it is important to fit new windows before if you are thinking of doing so. This is due to the difference in dimensions between the older windows and the new ones. Though they may be close in size, this slight difference could lead to shutters fitting incorrectly or not fitting at all. Therefore, it is advised that those looking to fit new windows to their homes should do so before installing shutters as these are not designed to be taken down and refitted at a later date.


Though the cost of shutters may seem daunting at first the life span of the product makes them an excellent and versatile investment for your home. There are many ranges that we provide as part of our Essex shutters blinds and we aim to cater for as many budgets as possible with the view of making anyone’s dreams possible.

We’ve met plenty of customers throughout our 15 years in the industry that tell us how long they’ve wanted for shutters and how hard they’ve had to save. But you know what? It’s always worth it.

It’s worth mentioning that we can help you spread the cost of the shutters with great options with finance. We know that shutters – especially when doing whole of home – can be a large burden, but we all want our dream home look. It’s easy to arrange, and we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us today and we will come and visit your home for a direct quote.