As a homeowner, you know that windows are an important element of your home’s overall aesthetic. From light to privacy and energy efficiency, windows play a critical role in making your home feel comfortable and inviting to live in as well as for those that are visiting. But did you know that shutters can be used to enhance these features even further? Shutters are an easy-to-install window treatment that can dramatically improve both the attractiveness and functional aspect of any room in your home.

In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how shutters work, their different styles available for use in homes, lifespan information about them as well as other helpful tips on making the best choice for your house! Read on to learn more about window shutters and why they may be the perfect option for your home’s windows!

What Are Window Shutters?

Window shutters are a stylish and practical way to update your Essex home with Essex shutters and blinds. Not only do they look great, but shutters for windows also provide additional benefits such as improved insulation, light control, sound dampening and security. With a range of styles and materials available, you’re sure to find the perfect shutters that fit seamlessly into any room in your house. Whether you have old-fashioned wooden shutters or more modern composite ones with louvers, window shutters are the perfect choice to freshen up your interior decor while increasing property value.

Different Materials Used In Manufacturing Window Shutters

Window shutters are a stylish and practical choice for any home. They offer superior insulation, great light control, increased privacy and versatile good looks. At ShutterTec, we specialise in providing shutters made of a variety of materials that have each been specifically chosen based on their individual qualities. Our shutters are crafted from the finest woods and fauxwoods offering natural beauty while providing lasting value and are suitable for both interior and exterior use. Additionally, our shutters come in ABS options perfect for indoor use where there may be some moisture or exposure to the elements. Alternatively for those looking for shutters on the exterior of their property, there is the option of metal shutters providing reliable weather protection in addition to excellent sound insulation. Each material option has its own advantages and package, making it easy to pick the right shutters designed especially for your windows.

Pro’s & Cons Of Each Shutter Material

When selecting shutters for your windows, there is a range of materials on offer to suit different needs. Fauxwood is known for offering great insulation and strength, while metal offers a high level of durability. Wood is a timeless classic but requires regular maintenance, while ABS provides superior value and low-maintenance requirements. Each material has its own unique pros and cons and you should consider them carefully before making a decision. It’s worth consulting with an experienced installer as they can provide valuable insight into which shutter material will work best in your situation.

Considerations When Choosing The Right Window Shutters For Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right window shutters for your home, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, what theme and style is the room? This should match the shutters you choose to ensure a consistent aesthetic theme throughout. Secondly, consider if you have easy access to the windows and whether that matters when selecting a shutter type. Thirdly, think about how much privacy you require, as some shutters offer more privacy than others. Finally, think about how you want to control the heat in the room and whether that can be done with a particular type of shutter. All these things should be taken into account before making a decision on which window shutters would be best for your home.

Which Shutter Type Is Best?

When deciding which shutter type is best, there are many factors to contemplate before making a purchase such as the size of the space, the theme and so much more. To help you determine which is best, we have provided a brief outline below:

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters, are the most popular option of window dressing, combining full coverage and maximum privacy as well as heat retention perfect for those looking to cut down on their energy bills.

Tier on Tier Shutters

This style of shutter offers a great alternative for those homeowners who want two shutters that open independently of one another at either side of the window space – excellent for letting light in during the day whilst maintaining privacy at night.

Café Style Shutters

Café-style shutters provide both full coverage and optimising ventilation for those looking to optimise the amount of light coming into the room whilst maintaining their privacy. This style of blind is perfect for a kitchen or dining room or a room located at the front of the house as they allow light in without letting the neighbours see in.

Tracked Shutters

These designs are typically tailored to those looking for sliding doors leading to a garden area. Due to their large size and slats, these doors can let in light when closed but can also be pulled back to create a nice open living space.

Solid Panel Shutters

Regardless of whether you are living in a period home or you are just a fan of this rustic feel for your home, solid panel shutters are the perfect modern twist on this traditional design element. Thanks to the nature of the shutter, they provide either full light or full block out based on your requirements.

Waterproof Shutters

Whether you are looking to fit shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, waterproof shutters have protection from humidity that is sure to give you peace of mind. Each of our waterproof shutters is manufactured from high-grade ABS to ensure that they are 100% waterproof, perfect for wetrooms, swimming pools, bathrooms and more.

Blackout Shutters

When it comes to keeping a room completely blacked out many tend to opt for a blackout curtain or blind. However, for those wanting the look of shutters with the blackout element, we have the option for you. With a blackout blind placed within the shutters, you are getting the best of both all within a discreet frame.

Shaped Shutters

If you find yourself with a shaped window and no idea what to do with it then look no further. Each of our shaped shutters caters to every type of window, allowing you to fit shutters to all windows in your home. These are the shapes that out shaped window shutters will cater to:

– Porthole shutters / round shutters
– Triangular shutters
– Octagon shutters
– Arched shutters
– Half-round shutters
– Parallelogram shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Lucky enough to have a bay window in your home? Our team of experienced Essex shutters and blinds fitters have got you covered. With years of experience and shutters that are made to measure, we can cover any sized window with the ultimate shutters for you.

Coloured & Stained Window Shutters

Lastly, there is also the option for coloured or stained finishes. Whether it is a specific colour you are after or just something to brighten the room, we can match the shutters to exactly what you need.

Knowing which of these shutters will best suit your needs can be confusing so why not contact one of our team members at Shuttertec. We are more than happy to help you find your dream blinds and shutters.

Pros And Cons Of Motorised Vs Manual Window Shutters

When it comes to window shutters, an important decision to make is whether to opt for motorised or manual. Motorised shutters offer the ultimate convenience – you can open and close your windows with a simple click of a button! However, they come with additional costs associated with installation and energy bills. On the other hand, manual window shutters are easier on your wallet and don’t require any extra power; however, you must physically raise or lower them yourself.

So, when making your decision, take into account the amount of usage the window shutters will get and consider how much value convenience will add to your life. Either way, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly from Shuttertec’s huge range!

In conclusion, window shutters are a popular choice for homes today. While the material used in their construction will vary, keep in mind that each choice has its own unique pros and cons. Ultimately, choosing the right shutter type for your home involves understanding your unique needs and desires. You’ll need to consider all the factors involved, including cost, maintenance requirements, style and installation type – manual or motorised. At ShutterTec in Essex, we can provide our customers with advice on which window shutter type is best for them and be of assistance for all types of installations.

Our experience helps to ensure that your decision is an informed one! Want to know more about our Shutter installation service in Essex? Get In touch! We’d love to help you choose the perfect shutters to achieve the look you’re after while ensuring that they meet all your necessary requirements.