Would you like to be able to control the light and privacy levels in your home with the touch of a button? With Motorised Shutters from Shuttertec, you can! In this blog, we’re going to showcase our brand new PowerMotion Motorised Shutters – now available for your home.

What Are Motorised Shutters?

Motorised shutters, also known as automated shutters are an innovative window dressing that allows you to control the angle of your shutter louvres with a remote control. This gives you ultimate control over the light and privacy levels in your home.

How Do They Work?

PowerMotion shutters look exactly like normal plantation shutters – sleek and stylish. The difference is they feature discreet motors, allowing you to adjust the louvres without using your hands.

This time-saving system enables you to easily control the light and privacy levels in your home, even if you have hard-to-reach shutters. There is also a PowerMotion Hub, which connects to your phone and allows you to control the motorised shutter via a smartphone app!

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Who Might Need Them?

Motorised shutters are ideal for any home. They are particularly useful if you have:

  • Hard to reach windows.
  • Unusually shaped windows.
  • Gable end windows.
  • Larger areas where the windows aren’t close to hand.

They are also useful in the bedroom, allowing you to open the shutter louvres and let the light in before you even get out of bed! And with the clever hub, you can set a timer using your mobile app. So, your shutters will open at a time that suits you, slowly and gently waking you up with natural light from a great night’s sleep.

Just got comfy with a hot cuppa only to find the sun in your eyes? You don’t have to get up! Just grab the little remote and adjust the louvres from the comfort of your settee.

Little one fallen asleep in your arms? Don’t disturb them. Darken the room with ease using your mobile app!

Motorised Shutters: Features

PowerMotion shutters boast a range of features that makes them a great addition to any home.

Manual Override

Even though they are automated, PowerMotion motorised shutters have a manual override. This allows you to adjust the shutters by hand the old-fashioned way without damaging the motors.

Child Friendly

These clever shutters also feature a built-in “jam protection”, meaning if something obstructs the louvres whilst they are adjusting, the motors will automatically disengage. If you have shutters within reach of children, you don’t have to worry about their curious little fingers getting hurt as the built-in jam protection makes them perfectly safe. This safety feature is also handy if you have pets.

Extended Battery Life

They feature a lithium-ion battery, which has an in-built solar strip to help keep them running for as long as possible. It can easily be recharged using a USB cable, but you won’t have to worry about that too often. When fully charged, PowerMotion shutters should last about a year.

“Best View” Option

The system allows you to have eight pre-programmed louvre positions, so your shutters are always at the very best angle for you. Plus, the small and sleek remote control features buttons to tilt the louvres up and down, a button to fully close them, and a button to give you the best view.

Better yet, it features a nifty dial that enables you to position the louvres exactly where you want them in one swift motion.

motorised shutters allow you to get a good nights sleep |


The award-winning PowerMotion Hub provides even more versatility and flexibility with your shutters. “Norman” the Hub, can easily be connected to your shutter remote control and your smartphone.

You can then download the Norman app and sync your pre-programmed louvre settings to your smartphone. The app allows you to adjust your shutters, wherever you are, even if you’re not in the house.

Get In Touch

At Shuttertec, we provide bespoke shutters to the Essex, Kent and London areas. We have over 20 years of combined experience with shutters and blinds and we offer a truly unrivalled service. We are looking forward to installing these innovative motorised shutters in homes across the South East.

Over the years, we have forged partnerships with some of the best suppliers in the UK, meaning we provide only the very best shutters. We offer transparent pricing, unparalleled service and a quality finish – every time.

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