This week on our blog we’re highlighting an often-overlooked product – tier on tier shutters! They’re a great solution for windows with large vertical openings and give great control over light and privacy.

This type of shutter is growing in popularity in recent times as more people become aware that the product exists and see the benefits.

What Are Tier On Tier Shutters?

Tier on tier shutters are also sometimes called double-hung shutters, which describes what they are very accurately. They are just like standard window shutters but are one set stacked on top of another.

This allows the two sets of shutters to be operated independently.

When the two sets of shutters are all closed, it will appear as though you have full height shutters – the beauty of double-hung though, is that you can open just the top set or the bottom.

This gives you a lot of control over privacy and light.

Leaving the top set of shutters open and the bottom closed means light is still able to flood your room, but privacy isn’t compromised.

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These shutters are perfect for tall windows. In the UK that often means Georgian or Victorian properties. These shutters are perfect for super high windows where you really need an option that will allow you to have control over privacy and light.

Because of the control you have over privacy and light, tier on tier shutters mean you don’t have to compromise…

For example, if you have a room where people are easily able to see in, you would close the bottom tier of shutters, giving you privacy from the neighbours or people passing by, but because the top tier of shutters are open, light can still enter the room.

Pros And Cons?

It’s difficult to find any cons with tiered shutters are they are purpose-made product suitable for the application they are typically used in (windows with high vertical openings).

We wouldn’t advise using this type of shutter on smaller windows as they would look too cluttered and busy due to the larger amount of solid framing pieces involved with tiered shutters.

We can’t even say they won’t look as seamless as full height shutters, as quality custom made tier on tier shutters will perfectly align and look like a single shutter when both sets are in open (or closed) position)

When it comes to pros, there are plenty and for those of you living in older style houses with beautiful tall windows, they are the perfect solution to light and privacy concerns – especially in bathroom or kitchen areas.

Another cool feature of tier on tier shutters is that the tiers can be of different heights – for example, a taller pair on the bottom with smaller shutters on the top. We custom make your shutters so the dividing point between each tier is at the exact height you need it to be.

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Where Can I Buy Tier On Tier Shutters?

Most shutter providers will be able to provide you with these shutters but ensure you choose a brand with a good reputation for quality products and services.

Prices for tier on tier shutters will vary between brands but it is important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If something seems too cheap to be true…it probably is!

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