Shaped windows create a beautiful and unique feature in any home. But dressing them can be challenging. If you have an arched, raked, round or other type of shaped window in your home, you may be unsure how to dress it.

You want to be able to control light and privacy without taking anything away from the architectural beauty of the shaped window. In this blog, we’re going to share our advice on the best window dressing for shaped windows.

Dressing Shaped Windows: The Options

When dressing shaped windows, some window dressings don’t work as well as they would on a normal window.


Let’s look at curtains for example. You can fit a curtain track above your shaped window and choose a beautiful pair of curtains or an individual curtain to dress your shaped window.

However, when closed, the curtains will completely cover the shaped window, which kind of defeats the object of having a beautifully shaped window in the first place!

Plus, if you have a raked window or a window that slopes due to the shape of the room, curtains may not be an option.


Blinds are a great window dressing as they are so many options to choose from. Fitted blinds can be great for bay windows and skylights.

But when it comes to unusually shaped windows, most types of blinds (such as roman blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and vertical blinds) won’t work.

If the frame surrounding your unusually shaped window has been squared off, you will be able to have blinds. However, like curtains, they will cover the shaped window and remove the charming element.

Frosting And Window Films

If your shaped window is particularly small, you may choose to use a frosted window film to dress the window. Although this is the most cost-effective option, it isn’t very practical as it does not allow you to control the light or privacy levels. Plus, frosted window films aren’t very “cosy” in homes.


Shutters are without a doubt the best window dressing for shaped windows! Blinds and curtains have potential depending on the shape of your window, but if you really want to compliment the beauty of your shaped windows, shutters are the way to go.

Image of ShutterTec shaped window shutters

Shutters For Shaped Windows

Shutters are arguably the most popular window dressing for shaped windows. And here’s why:

  • Shaped shutters are tailormade to perfectly fit the shape and size of your window. This means they accentuate the magnificence of your shaped windows.
  • Because they are perfectly fitted, shaped window shutters will insulate your home during the winter months by blocking out draughts. And during the summer months, they can block out the sunlight to keep your home cool – this is particularly useful for roof or ceiling windows.
  • Shaped shutters offer practicality as well as style. They enable you to control the light and privacy levels without taking anything away from the distinctiveness of the shaped window.
  • A variety of shutter styles and colours are available so you can make a bold statement with your shaped window. At ShutterTec, you can even customise the colour of your shutters using your favourite paint colour!
  • Also, your shaped window shutters will be professionally installed by shutter experts who have experience in bespoke shaped shutters for shaped windows.
  • Shaped shutters are easily maintained and will last for years to come. Unlike blinds or curtains, they don’t need removing to clean. They can simply be dusted or wiped over with a damp cloth to keep them in tip-top condition. If you go for a neutral colour, your shaped shutters will complement any home décor, no matter how many times you redecorate.
  • Blackout shutters are also available for your shaped windows. If you have unusually shaped windows in your bedroom, made to measure blackout shutters will block out any light when you are trying to snooze. Blackout shaped shutters are also perfect for skylights and roof windows.
  • Shaped shutters are available in a waterproof material, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture or humidity may be a problem.

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