No. You do not need curtains with shutters. Window shutters are an all-around excellent window dressing that provides flexibility, privacy and light control on their own. Plus, they look stylish.

Most people have shutters alone. Whereas some people like to layer curtains with shutters, especially in rooms that require a little more warmth and personality, such as lounges or bedrooms.

Shutters As A Window Dressing

Shutters are a versatile and elegant window dressing. They provide excellent control over light and privacy whilst offering a range of benefits.

For example, the high-quality wooden or faux wood material is incredibly insulating. It will keep your home warm and will block out noise pollution. When closed, shutters are great at blocking out almost all of the light.

Better yet, you have a wide range to choose from. Perhaps you’d like to go traditional with Full Height Shutters. Or if you’d like more flexibility, maybe you’d prefer Tier on Tier Shutters. Perhaps you like the chic elegance of Café Style Shutters, which only cover the lower half of the window and look excellent in kitchens. Or maybe you have a period home and would prefer Solid Panel Shutters.

shutters in bedroom from Shuttertec

If you’d like shutters in your bedroom, Blackout Shutters are the way to go. And Waterproof faux wood shutters offer a beautiful option for your bathroom.

All shutters are available in a range of colours and can even be matched to a paint colour of your choice. They are tailormade to perfectly fit your window and there is a range of finishes available.

Pairing Curtains With Shutters

There are several reasons why people pair curtains with shutters.

For example, you may like the look of café style shutters for your living room. But this style of shutters doesn’t cover the top half of the window, meaning curtains may be needed to block out the light pollution in the evenings.

Perhaps you have a large, open room that requires plenty of soft furnishings to make it feel more homely. Or perhaps you’d like to hang curtains in a bold pattern or colour to bring together the colour scheme of your interior décor. Some people feel that curtains finish a room off.

It’s all about personal preference really!

Pros And Cons Of Pairing Curtains With Shutters

Pairing curtains with shutters has its advantages and disadvantages. We’ll start with the pros:

  • People usually choose a neutral colour for plantation shutters, as they are timeless and will last for years to come. Curtains can then be used as an effective way to inject colour into the room.
  • Layering shutters with curtains can add texture and warmth to the room. Plus, it will add another layer of insulation to keep your home toasty during the cooler months.
  • Shutters block out a lot of light, but they are not completely blackout (unless you go for Blackout Shutters, that is!). Adding curtains will help block out any light that streams in through the shutter louvres.
  • Changing up the curtains is an affordable way to alter the look of the room when it comes to re-decorating.
pairing curtains with shutters looks great and has benefits

And the cons of pairing curtains with shutters:

  • If the curtain rail is hung incorrectly, you could end up covering the beautiful window shutters. Always ensure your curtains are framing the shutters rather than covering them.
  • Curtains hold onto dust, odours and dirt stains. Plus, they are not easy to clean, unlike shutters that can simply be wiped down.
  • If you have a small room, curtains can take up much-needed space and may make the room look cluttered.
  • Curtains may take away from the “minimalism” look you were going for with simple yet stylish shutters.

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