Café style shutters are an excellent choice of window dressing. These stylish and sleek shutters offer a unique look to any home. By only covering the bottom half of your windows, café style window shutters let in plenty of natural light whilst providing privacy. In this blog, we are going to outline the pros and cons of café style shutters.

The Pros Of Café Style Shutters

We love this style of shutter! They are aesthetically-pleasing and compliment a wide variety of home décor styles. Plus, they are incredibly practical and have plenty of benefits.

Let In Natural Light

As we mentioned before, the biggest advantage of these shutters is arguably the amount of natural light they let in. As the top part of your window is left uncovered, this style of shutter will brighten up even the dullest of rooms in the home.

Provide Privacy

Café style shutters are ideal for ground floor rooms including living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms as they provide plenty of privacy (whilst still letting in light). If your home faces a busy street, or is overlooked by a neighbour’s house, this style of shutter will be perfect for you.

Can Be Paired With Curtains

When done properly, shutters and curtains can look amazing together. Café style shutters are one of the best types of shutters to pair with curtains. Perhaps add curtains to the window in your lounge to block out the light on summer evenings. Or pair simple, sleek shutters with bold curtains to really make a statement.

Cost Effective

When compared to other shutter styles, such as full height shutters or tier on tier shutters, these shutters are usually cheaper. Like all shutters, café offer excellent value for money as they are a sturdy and high-quality window dressing that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Customisable Height

Another benefit is that they can be customised to perfectly fit your windows. You can decide how much of your window you would like to cover, and your shutters can be made to fit. For example, if your lounge faces a busy street but your kitchen looks out into your back garden, you may want the shutters in the lounge to cover more of the window.

cafe style shutters are ideal for kitchens

Ideal For Bay Windows

Dressing a bay window can be tricky. But the cafe style make it effortless. These shutters make the most of the space by letting in light, providing privacy and looking incredibly stylish. They are also perfect for home offices are they allow you to enjoy the natural light whilst preventing glare on your screen.

Make Most Of The View

Depending on how much of the window you choose to cover, these shutters usually allow you to enjoy the view. This makes them ideal for kitchen or downstairs bathroom where you may want privacy but still want to admire the view from your window.

Available In Various Colours And Materials

Like all our shutters, the café style shutters are customisable. Choose from a range of colours to create bespoke shutters that perfectly match your home décor. Plus, they are also available in a high-grade ABS waterproof material for rooms that may have high moisture, condensation or humidity issues will affect wood.

Child And Pet Safe

Without pesky cords or wires, these shutters are a safe window dressing that are not hazardous to children or pets. They are a clean, simple and practical window solution for any family home.

The Cons Of Café Style Shutters

We’re not going to beat around the bush… the pros seriously outweigh the cons when it comes to café style shutters. In fact, we’re struggling to find anything bad about this shutter style.

But if we had to, we would point out that these shutters aren’t ideal for every room in the home. For example, you may not choose to have them in the bedroom as they would let in too much light when you’re trying to snooze.

Plus, because they don’t cover the full height of your window, the shutters may not be as insulating as other styles, such as full height shutters or tier on tier shutters. But other than that, they are a fantastic window dressing that is sure to look amazing in your home.

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