New Perfect Fit Shutters

If you need Perfect Fit shutters in Essex, we have you covered!

Perfect Fit shutters only hit the market in the last quarter of 2023 so as far as plantation shutters are concerned, they are a new revelation.

Straight away, we had a client who put these to good use. As your local shutter specialist in Essex, we wanted to offer these as soon as possible as we firmly believe they are a good alternative to a traditional shutter.

These perfect-fit shutters simply click onto your window with brackets rather than drilling into the window or brickwork. This means they can move with the window, offer more sill space and take up looks space in your room.
– And before you ask, yes they are easy to remove!

Being made of PVC, they are feather light, durable, water resistant, scratch proof and they are a more affordable shutter.

They are currently offered in a 64mm louvre only with a side tilt rod and in 2 shades of white, but we’re sure with the popularity of them those options will expand more in the future!

Customer Testimonal.

“Shuttertec provided us with our beautifully made shutters and installed them with professionalism and was very polite and friendly.  ”

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