Blackout Shutter Blinds

A touch of luxury with these beautiful MDF Blackout Shutters in Wickford

These shutters are a great example of how minimalists can work in a home but with huge practicality.

Our recent client had a specific need for robust plantation shutters that would stand the test of time while offering the added benefit of a good night’s sleep. The solution? Our blackout shutters are designed to provide optimal light control and privacy without the need for additional curtains.

Blackout shutters have an additional blind behind the panels which raises and lowers (Either manually or by remote control) and this allows us to achieve near-perfect blackout. In fact, these blackout blinds are good good, you wouldn’t even need to close the slats on the shutters to achieve darkness!

These blackout shutters in Wickford are a game-changer for various scenarios. They are particularly ideal for kids’ bedrooms, providing an optimal environment for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, they cater to the needs of shift workers who require darkness during unconventional hours. Even for those dealing with the inconvenience of a street lamp outside their window, these blackout shutters offer the perfect solution.

Curious about the level of darkness these shutters can achieve? Click on the link below to witness firsthand how our blackout plantation shutters create an environment of unparalleled darkness, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Customer Testimonal.

“We’re extremely happy with our new wooden shutters. The quality of the material and finish is great. Pete was very efficient in the installation and left everything spotless. We would recommend Shuttertec to friends and family. ”

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