Perfect Custom Shutters for Bay Windows with RSJ

Here’s how we deal with bay windows which have an awkward RSJ spread across the width of the window.

Bay windows with an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) perched at the top present a unique challenge when it comes to window treatments. Venetian blinds, roller blinds, and even curtains often find no room to fit seamlessly. But fear not, for we have the perfect solution to transform these tricky spaces into showcases of style and functionality!

Bay windows adorned with an RSJ can be notoriously difficult to outfit with standard blinds or curtains. The constraints imposed by the structural element often leave limited options for conventional window treatments. That’s where our expertise and innovative solution come into play.

Our secret weapon for conquering the challenge of RSJ-laden bay windows is shaped shutters. These bespoke shutters can be crafted to fit almost any desirable shape, offering a unique and tailored solution. The key lies in our innovative approach to utilising custom products, ensuring a flawless fit around the RSJ and leaving behind a desirable finish that is second to none.

One satisfied customer in Romford can attest to the effectiveness of our custom shutter solution for bay windows with RSJ. Facing the need for a specialised approach for not just one but both bay windows, our team delivered a stunning result. The image below showcases the transformation, highlighting a custom template seamlessly incorporated around the RSJ, coupled with a change in window handles for an improved overall finish.

Discover the beauty and functionality of custom shutters by exploring our tailored solutions for challenging bay windows. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional blinds and curtains, and embrace the transformative power of shaped shutters!

Customer Testimonal.

Brilliant service, kept informed of what was happening and when.
Fitter cleaned and tidied up after himself – very happy with the final products. ”

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